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The Oil Pump housing should look something like this, this trigger kit will adapt to all known RB oil pump and harmonic balancer configurations.

1) Remove the bolts shown within the red circles.
(retain the belt guide washer that usually lives between the timing gear and the oil pump. disregard the other larger one that usually goes on after the gear)

1) This belt guard will need to be trimmed.

In line with the edge of the sump as reference

This can be done with an angle grinder but if you can find a dremil, or hobby saw kit it makes life easy. caefully cut the overhanging collar, leave the old bottom crank gear on the crank snout to offer the crank protection just in case you slip.

Once you have finished cutting the lip off, hold a straight edge across the front of the old timing gear and ensure you don’t have any material in front of the gear.

5) If you chose to run the timing cover, mark out the area using the gear as a guide and cut the thin metal away, it should only be a strip.

Install bottom trigger sensor into the trigger mount bracket, you may need to remove the clip and change the position, as the plug end needs to point down or away from whichever oil pump housing.

Install the sensor and mount, its easier to plug in your patch loom in first (see wiring instructions below) if installing onto a non PRP dry sump oil pump blanking plate, use the optional spacer to bring the sensor up to position.  

Retain belt guide washer

Reinstall the timing belt and new gear/trigger assembly, now you can work on tooth alignment and gap, aim for .050” gap and align the centre trigger sensor pad with the tooth profile by modification of spacing with use of your own initiative.

All done, wiring information and sensor data below. (there is more config information being worked on please bare with us or get in touch for help)

Install the trigger disc on your exhaust cam gear using the M7 bolts provided, face the long lug towards your TDC Timing marks do not use washers. Tension as per manufacturers recommendation

Install CAS bracket and trigger mount, also install the small black sensor, the lock nut can go on either side of the trigger mount, easier to adjust on the outside looks neater on the inside. Recommended gap for your sensor is .5- .8mm off the trigger lug.

Wire in your new sensors, use the quality plugs provided if you wish, double check and lock all your hardware, you may now set up your ECU for a 12 tooth trigger crank and 1 home signal and start your engine, here are the wiring diagrams for Haltech Pro plug in and Elite series ECU’s, if you are running another brand ECU The sensor wiring will help, apologies for not giving you wiring diagrams on all but the OEM Pin outs should help you through.