Bosch Injector 550cc EV14 Short ID1000


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Please note this price of $95 is for one injector only.

The injectors must be purchased in sets of 2, we do not sell single injectors

Internal Part Number: BMS1000

Brand: Bosch Motorsport

CC Rating:550cc

Ohms (Resistance):High

Length (o-ring to o-ring): 55mm - 3/4 Length

Top O-Ring Diameter: 14mm


Made from a Bosch injector base, ALL MODIFICATIONS are completed by a recommended Bosch company.

  • Very smooth idle
  • excellent response and tune-ability at top end.
  • Operating pressure up to 8 bar.
  • flow matched set
  • easy to tune even at low pulse widths.
  • Performs like a standard injector.
  • E85, ethanol, and pump petrol compatible.

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