Syltech - Flex Fuel Sensor (Small) Content & Temp


Supplied Delphi Connector Syltech Datasheet -2x AN6 EFI Barbs (BLK) Extra +16 -Stainless Bracket Extra +15

Flex-fuel content and temperature sensor. Measures ethanol content % and fuel temperature. Optional AN6 Alloy EFI Barbs and Anti Vibration Stainless mounting bracket.

Type: Flex Fuel Sensor
Connection: 3 Wire
Power: 12VDC
Barb: 3/8″ (Push On/Quick Connect Lock Fuel Adapter Compatible)
Maximum Flow: 400LPH
Operating Temperature: -40 to 150°C
Sensor Output Pull-Up Resistor: 2.2 – 10.0kΩ
Ethanol Content % = [Frequency (Hz) – 50]
Fuel Temperature °C = [41.5 * Pulsewidth(ms)] – 81.25

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