Hughes Performance - SSX 2JZ Torque Converter

Hughes Performance

All-new Pro SSX 2JZ torque converter for Powerglide and TH400 boxes with Toyota A340 bell housing feature:

  • Your choice of welded or bolt-together construction.
  • Your choice of spragless or 10-strut mechanical diode.
  • Pro SSX custom fabricated steel stator
  • CNC-machined billet steel 2JZ 6-bolt drive cover with OEM Toyota PCD & spigot diameter
  • Billet aluminum high flow stator cap
  • Anti-ballooning plates • Billet steel pump hub
  • Billet steel turbine hub
  • Furnace brazed
  • Silicon spot brazed
  • Full roller bearing construction
  • Compatible with as little as 500hp to 2000hp and beyond.

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