Syltech - MAC Valve 4 Port Boost Solenoid 46A-AA1-JDBA-1BA


Supplied DTM2 Connector Kit
Anti Vibration Transfer Bracket
4x Alloy Dual Size Barbs
1x Brass Atmo Filter
Syltech Datasheet

Four-port boost PWM solenoid. Includes dual sized alloy barbs (4), brass filter (1), DTM connector kit and bracket. The bracket is custom-designed to absorb any vibrations from mounting location and solenoid to prolong lifespan.

Type: Solenoid Valve
Connection: 2 Wire (No Polarity)
Rated: VAC to 100 PSI
Operating Frequency: 33Hz
Power: 12VDC (5.4W)
Thread: 1/8” – #10-32 (4)

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