Platinum Racing Products - Nissan RB Twin Cam Trigger Kit

Platinum Racing Products

Looking for a bolt-in Trigger kit for your RB20/25/26 engine that you can do at home without removing the harmonic balancer?

WELL LOOK NO FURTHER! The new Platinum Racing Products all in one cam trigger kit and CAS replacement is an absolute game-changer, for approximately 30minutes worth of work, you can add a world of reliability to your RB twin-cam engine and ditch that nasty OEM CAS unit that is simply fatigued and prone to failure.

This entry-level kit gives a “crank” and “home” signal via the camshaft and is the new benchmark as a bolt-in solution for replacing the OEM unit and is relatively easy to fit, with no need to take the balancer off or tricky tools to get it all working.

Offered in 12 or 24 tooth profile options and designed to be used with our stunning PRP Billet CAS brackets, this kit has all the fruit and has state-of-the-art MoTeC Hall affect PRO style sensors.

This setup gives the best possible options over a factory Crank and CAS type OEM unit, but with no chance of ECU Edge swapping scenarios caused by camshafts that stop/start or bounce due to upgraded valve springs (the 360 hall windows are so small and close together in the factory unit).

If you are looking for something with even more performance capability and don’t mind removing the Harmonic Balancer, we recommend that you check out our 12-Tooth Trigger kits and Pro Series Trigger Kits HERE. Both of these units will help you gain extra horsepower as they are designed to overcome belt stretch under high load by placing a sensor at both the crankshaft AND the camshaft, however, these kits do require a bit of “know-how” to get them going which you can also get from our tech guides HERE.

** Please note: This CAS upgrade is for the RB twin cam engine's only **

If you would like o
ptional colours of optional colours of Gold, Green, Orange, Teal, Bronze or Grey. Please let us know in the check out comments.

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