Platinum Racing Products - Nissan RB Twin Cam Mechanical Fuel/ Full Separate Pro Trigger Kit With Double Cas Bracket

Platinum Racing Products

RB Twin CAM Mech. Fuel/Full & Separate PRO Trigger Kit with Double CAS Bracket (FULLFUELPROTRIGWDCAS)

This is PRP's Big hitter, the best RB and mechanical fuel and trigger kit available, consisting of our PRO series 36-2 Crank trigger kit utilising MoTeC reluctor / sensor, then we have our all-new MoTeC cam hall effect, completely sealed sensor with external plug system on one cam then you have our mechanical fuel pump kit on the alternate cam.

This kit is designed for the ultimate in ignition trigger and fuel system for the very serious street or race car.

Choose Double CAS Bracket Colour Choose Mechanical Fuel Pump & Bracket Colour

*********PLEASE NOTE *********

The Mechanical Fuel Pump Option is to make sure you get the right pump shaft size as there are 2 main ones that can suit this application, Note: the pumps IS NOT INCLUDED in this kit, If you would like an unlisted colour or combination its no problem, just leave a note in the checkout area.

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